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To commemorate the 375th Anniversary of the Founding of Southampton in 2015, the Southampton History Museum curated an exhibit exploring the history of Southampton through the families who built and lived in the Rogers Mansion. In 1648, the Rogers family was the first to settle on the property, establishing a farm, and the first of three influential Southampton families who would follow. A whaling captain, a country doctor, and a retired lawyer-turned-philanthropist each made it their proud residence and when its days as a private home were over, the Mansion was sold to Southampton Village and used as headquarters for the YMCA, the Red Cross, a community center and presently the Southampton History Museum. This exhibit highlighted the families who lived here and the role the Mansion has played throughout Southampton’s long history. If These Walls Could Talk was originally on display at the Rogers Mansion from March 7, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

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