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October 13, 2018

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On October 13, 2018 we invited the Long Island Paranormal Investigators (LIPI) and 20 guests to join us for a paranormal investigation of the Rogers Mansion that lasted from 9pm until about 1am. After LIPI reviewed the evidence found from their various pieces of equipment, listened to the personal accounts of everyone who participated and spoke with museum staff they have made the decision that the Rogers Mansion is officially haunted.

The LIPI crew will be back at the museum on January 11th for another investigation of the Rogers Mansion as well as the Halsey House, this time without any guests so they can focus the entire night on the investigations. We plan on having more investigations in the future that guests may attend so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date on all of our upcoming events and programs!

If you have any questions about the evidence that was found, future paranormal investigations at the Southampton History Museum or anything else please contact Connor Flanagan at or (631) 283-2494 ext 500.

Paranormal Events Before the Investigation


We had contacted LIPI in part as a fun thing to do in the month of October and also as a way to try and explain some weird things that have gone on at the museum. Museum staff claims to have heard foot steps in the upstairs hall ways, seen shadowy figures and felt the eerie presence of someone being near by when they have been all alone. Also various workers like plumbers and electricians who have serviced the building for many years claim to have heard and seen weird and unsettling things in the basement.

EVP Classifications


LIPI assigns different classes to the electronic voice phenomena or EVPs that they record. EVPs are believed to be spirits imprinting their voices or other sounds into audio devices which sometimes cannot be heard in the moment of recording as they are often quiet or occur while the living are talking.

The classes are as follows:

Class A - a clear recording where everyone listening can fully understand the same sounds

Class B - a noise that most everyone can agree upon what is happening

Class C - a somewhat hard to hear noise that everyone might hear slightly different

Class D - everyone can agree there is a noise of some kind, but it is hard to decipher what the noise may be

For best results you will want to be wearing

headphones and turn the volume up a bit. Enjoy!

Below we have a Class C recording where you can hear our Connor Flanagan, our Director of Education, talking with someone about the history of the house. You can also hear two of LIPI's investigators speaking.

At around the 6 second mark you will hear a breathy voice say something while Connor is speaking, listen below:

Anna - LIPI
00:00 / 00:00

The next recording is also a Class C recording taken during a question and answer session that was had by Connor, some of the geusts and 2 of LIPI's investigators. Connor asks a question and a breathy answer follows. The EVP is heard at the 4 second mark.

Part of Parrish family? No - LIPI
00:00 / 00:00

Connor Flanagan: Were you part of the Parrish family?


Now we have a Class B recording as the EVP is more clear than the previous sounds but still is a little hard to heard. This was from the same Q&A session as the last recording but now with Shannon, one of LIPI's investigators, asking the question. The breathly voice is heard at around the 10 second mark.

Upset we are in your house? Yes - LIPI
00:00 / 00:00

Shannon Collins: Are you upset that we are in your house?


Spirit: yes

Guest starts speaking

Here we have what LIPI has classified as a Class A EVP, which is still somewhat hard to hear. What you will hear is after the guests did their investigations everyone met up and shared their experiences and asked questions about ghost hunting and the history of the home. In this clip Connor is explaining some of the history of the house when the EVP occurs at around the 15 second mark. This is also one of the more unsettling EVPs for what we hear it saying.

Can I hurt ya? - LIPI
00:00 / 00:00

Connor explaining some history of the home

Spirit: Can I hurt ya?

During the time of this final recording two of LIPI's investigators, Tom O'Connell and Will Fox, were in the basement of the museum after all the guests had left. This was the time in which most of the activity would take place that night.

In the audio clip below you will hear Tom ask a question and then hear a loud smash. We want to apologize as there are some foul words spoken by the investigators, but remember they were in the basement of home built in c. 1843, with all of the lights off in the middle of the night, searching for ghosts and in total silence when a very loud noise occurs. Four letter words are an obvious outcome of the situation.

Light Bulb Smash - LIPI
00:00 / 00:00

Tom O'Connell: If you want us to leave make a loud noise and we will leave


Loud smash

Tom O'Connell: F***! Are you kidding me!

Will Fox talking in the background

Tom O'Connell: Was that you?

Will Fox: No

Tom O'Connell: Are you serious?

Will Fox: A f***ing light bulb broke.

Tom O'Connell: Alright, we gotta go.

After this recording Tom went to find Connor who was in his office at the time to tell him what happened. Connor says that when he say Tom come into his office Tom's face was white as a piece of paper and he stuttered slightly as he spoke from being filled with so much adrenaline and fear. Tom said something happened and he needed Connor to come to the basement to see.

Once in the basement Tom showed Connor where him and Will had been standing with Tom in one corner and Will in the other corner about 40 feet apart from one another. What is heard on the recorder is a light bulb being smashed on the floor in front of Will whose digital recorder was not on, but the smash was so loud Tom's recorder picked it up as if it had happened right next to him.


What makes this so unnerving is the fact that after Connor and other investigators went into the basement everyone was unable to debunk the light bulb breaking as a mere accident. If it had fallen off of a near by shelf there is no way the sound would have been so loud as it was. There were also no light bulbs missing from the light fixtures on the ceiling of the basement proving that it did not fall from the ceiling. Leaving the cause for the smash completely undetermined, but its close proximity to Tom's suggestion to make a loud noise very curious.

Below is a picture of the light bulb smashed on the floor. On either side of the smashed bulb are shelves holding collection objects.

Once the other investigators, Connor, and his girlfriend Liana were in the basement as well everyone began to sense a strange energy in the room and hear noises as if something was moving about the room frantically. It was at this time when Connor experienced what he says felt like someone grabbing his hand.

Shortly after this everyone went back upstairs and the investigation ended and the LIPI crew began to pack up their equipment.

Upon LIPI reviewing the data from all of their records, cameras, motion detectors and various energy meters there was a little more evidence found. Two of the motion detectors which were placed in the upstairs hallway and in the Sam Parrish bedroom exhibit went off at the same time indicating someone or something had triggered them, but as can be confirmed by a video camera in the area, no person was there.

The other piece of evidence worth noting are the images below taken by one of the investigators shortly after the light bulb had been smashes. The two images were taken seconds after each other. The first showing the ground as normal and the second showing some sort of black mass appearing. LIPI's investigators tried all they could to debunk this image by placing their hands, the camera's strap, parts of clothing and various other objects in front of the lens and flash but nothing was able to produce anything quite like what is seen in this image that was taken in total darkness with the only light being provided from the camera's flash.

Personal Experiences from LIPI

  • In the basement, Tom O'Connell felt like something had touched the back of his neck

  • In the music room Michele Cassone felt like she was touched on her butt

  • In the basement Michele saw a shadowy figure obscure some lighting and heard unusual footsteps

  • In the music room Mike Cardinuto, multiple times, saw a shadowy figure in the South Parlor/front hall way moving around and looking into the doorway

Overall Summary

Throughout the night there were multiple types of equipment used during the investigation to measure different energy fields like electro magnetics that gave unusual readings. Unfortunately nothing was caught on any of the digital video recorders and out of the 317 photographs taken that night only one showed any sign of paranormal activity. There were 5 digital audio recorders used that produced several EVPs. The photograph, readings on the various meters, personal experiences and EVPs found lead LIPI  to believe that the Rogers Mansion is indeed haunted and LIPI will return over the course of the next year to conduct several more investigations to try and capture more evidence.

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