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Davis & Barber Wall Clock

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This four-legged Davis & Barber Wall Clock features both ionic wooden columns on the sides of its upper-half, a window which allows the viewer to look inside, and two doors allowing one access to the clock itself as well as the base inside.

The center window reveals a printed illustration that has sadly been damaged and worn out due to time itself. The bottom door, featuring a painted scene of a large home foregrounded by trees with a rolling landscape stretching into the distance, opens up to reveal the manufacturer of the clock, as well as a plaque inscribed with the history of the clock in the possession of Samuel H. Swint.

Swint was an esteemed member of the Southampton community, including (but not limited to) serving on the Board of Overseers of Long Island University as well as being on the advisory committee of the Rogers Memorial Library. He would later found the Eastern Long Island Coastal Conservation Alliance, which was based around water safety and hurricane preparedness. He passed away on September 22, 2010.

From the plaque, it reads: "This old "grandmother's Clock" was left to me by my mother, Bilza Anne Littlefield Swint (1869-1955) in her will. The exact age of the clock is not known, but according to the best information that has been handed down through the family, the clock came into the possession of my great-grandfather, Nathan Littlefield (1797-1842). Around 1810, and it was not new then. Both the case and the works have just been reconditioned, and I am happy to have this treasured old clock as one of my prized possessions.

Samuel H. Swint

Augusta, Georgia

March 5, 1956"

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