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Framed Greeting Cards given to Phoebe Jagger

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This frame contains two greeting cards, both featuring water color illustrations of different scenes.

The card on the left shows a woman looking into the distance while wearing a yellow dress, within what appares to be a dressing room space with a bird cage, framed by an elegant border.

Accompanying this piece is a short poem that reads:

"Ah! the happy hours of childhood

Are not from sorrow free,

And then how sweet it is to have

Some kind friend's sympathy;

A brother's or a sister's love,

A friend's consoling word

May sooth a deeper anguish than

The looks of prettiest bird!"

The card on the right shows a young man sitting on the ground, with the hand of a seated young lady in his own hands as he looks up to her, while they sit among trees that stretch into the distance. They're accompanied by a golden angelic figure above them, a crescent floral arrangement below, and elaborate relief pattern framing them on all sides.

On the back of the frame, the written text explains that this frame was a gift to Phoebe Jagger, who married Jeremiah Squires in 1825. She lived to the age of 68, dying in April of 1892.

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