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Sherry's Dairy Farm Container

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This metal box is one of the containers distributed by Sherry's Dairy Farm of Southampton.

The box is entirely made of metal with the 'Sherry's Dairy' name on the front of the box in relief. The durability of the metal means the box is still intact after being around for nearly a century. It has a hinged lid on the top allowing for milk bottles to be placed inside. The interior of the box is lined with a polystyrene foam padding on all four sides as well as the bottom. This is done most likely for the sake of both insulation and safe transport of the glass bottles. The foam inside is chipped away and stained in certain places, indicating its frequent use and age.

Sherry's Dairy operated primarily during the 1920s. The structure where the farm was originally based has been converted and remodeled into a contemporary home by Greg Yale, a Southampton-based lighting designer. The house used to be utilized as a cattle shed, where the milking process took place.



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