The Corona Journals

A misconception when thinking about history is that its has to be "old" but everyday we are creating new history that in today's digital gets lost so easily. When historians today look back on impactful moments in human history they often look towards government documentation and news articles, but another source of historical documentation are people's personal accounts of events they were witnesses to like journals, diaries, whaling logs and letters to friends and family. That is why we are asking YOU to help us create some historical documentation of this difficult time we are all living in right now. 


We are asking you to keep a journal of your experiences dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and how it has, and continues to, alter your life. Our plan is to keep these journals as historical documentation of this event and to post selections from those submissions every Saturday to our Blog as a way to share our experiences with the community.


To participate you can do a few things:

  1. Keep a daily journal of your thoughts, activities, feelings and anything else you care to share

  2. Do the same as the daily journal, but on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Whatever works best for you!

  3. The journals can either be submitted daily or weekly via email or you can keep a hand written journal and submit it all at the end once life returns to normal

  4. Record videos of you talking about your situation to send in as well as any pictures that relate


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No matter how you devide to participate be sure to include  how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted you and your attitude toward it. Also please provide your name, age, occupation, and what town you live in and other personal information you feel is relevant to the situation. Once collected this information will be kept in our archives and potentially used in future exhibitions or research. 

Click here to see a New York Times article showing examples of things that can be included in something like this

As soon as you are able to submit anything you can mail physical items to PO Box 303, Southampton NY, 11969 and email any of your journals, pictures, videos etc and send questions about this project to our Special Events Assistant, Liana Mizzi at

Thank you for your participation in this event and stay safe out there!