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Get Involved!

Are you a history lover? Do you want to help preserve the wonderful history of Southampton, New York?

There are so many different ways you can get involved with the Southampton History Museum and assist us in our preservation and education efforts!


By becoming a member of the museum, you get access to tour our properties any time for free as well as free entry to select events and lectures. Also your membership fees help to pay for anything the museum may be working on.


Whether its a financial donation to help pay for new pieces of archival equipment, new collection items, to fund exhibits or educational programs or its the donation of a physical item or historical document, you are directly helping us do what we love to do.


Not all assistance needs to come in the form of money or important historical artifacts. We rely heavily on our Volunteers to help put on almost every single program we do. It always helps having fresh eyes and minds to interact with who want to offer new ideas for programs or assist with any of the programs we already have going on.


We offer a yearly summer internship program that allows any student who may be interested in working in history a hands-on way to find out if this is the career path for them. This program is open for both High School and College students.

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