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One of the best ways to learn about history, is to experience history! Listening to a lecture and reading a book are great ways to learn, but so is getting out into the world and seeing the places you are learning about. Below you can find information about various tours in and around the Southampton area in which you can get a deeper connection with our shared historical heritage.

Bike Southampton!

Join us on May 29, 2022 for a 7-mile bike riding loop around Southampton Village visiting some of our critical cultural institutions. We also hope the community will enjoy this bike route well after this inaugural event. This program is co-sponsored by the Southampton Village Climate Action Committee, the Southampton African American Museum and the Southampton History Museum.

5-29 bike southampton.png

Pyrrhus Concer: An Adventurous Life

33. pyrrhus sketch.png

In collaboration with the Southampton African American Museum, we created a virtual tour of Southampton Village that tells the story of Pyrrhus Concer. You can sit at home and go through it, or you can come to Southampton and view the tour on your smart phone and walk/drive to the various locations mentioned.


Long Island Indigenous Perspectives Paddle Tour

In the summer season we partner with Moskehtu Consulting, East End Explorer and the North Sea Maritime Center to bring to you an immersive educational experience. Join us at Conscience Point, the original meeting place of European colonists and the Shinnecock people for an Indigenous led tour of North Sea Harbor.


Southampton Walking Tours

main street vector image.png

When the opportunity arises we have partnered with the Southampton and East Hampton Trails Preservation Societies for hikes around the East End of Long Island. We also sponsor our own walking tours of various buildings, roads and cemeteries throughout the year. Make sure to check out our Calendar page to see if there are any walking tours in the near future!

Ghost Hunting at the Southampton History Museum

Throughout the year we offer monthly paranormal investigations of some of our facilities that are led by the Long Island Paranormal Investigators. Join us for a chance to learn the ins and outs of being a paranormal investigator and see for yourself what goes bump in the night.

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