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We at the Southampton History Museum pride ourselves on providing the best possible Education Programs for FREE to our local community. If you are an educator or parent and want to have your kids participate in one of our programs please contact us so we can schedule a trip!

Below you will find brief descriptions of the various programs we offer. What we love to do more than anything is to work with educators to create custom lessons for each class that wants to enrich their learning by getting hands on with history. Think of the programs listed below as a guide with different topics and projects that can be mixed and molded in order to create the best possible program that will benefit your kids the most.


Also if you are worried about getting your class to the museum, don't! Most of our programs can be brought right into your classroom.

To inquire about setting up a trip you can contact

Connor Flanagan, our Director of Education, at (631) 283-2494 ext 500

or by email at 

Learn about the historic and thrilling life of Pyrrhus Concer. Born the son of slaves in the Village of Southampton, he eventually became a successful whaler, entrepreneur and one of the most well respected men in the community.

Pyrrhus Concer:

An Adventurous Life

Travel back in time with our one-room schoolhouse from the Red Creek area of Hampton Bays that was built c. 1830. In the 1700's up until more recent than you would think, many American's got their education inside of these small structures. Students will get the chance to go inside the schoolhouse and get a lesson in early American education. They will learn to do math on an abacus, write with a real quill pen and compare and contrast modern school with how things used to be.

One-Room Schoolhouse

Tour through the Halsey House, the oldest English style home in the state of New York, built c. 1683. See first hand what life would have been like for Southampton's first settlers with a house full of artifacts from the 1800's, 1700's and 1600's. Also get a chance to experience our colonial herb garden in the backyard.

Halsey House

Take a walk through our current exhibit and see historic photos of Southampton from the Morris Studio collection. To better understand how camera worked over 100 years ago, take a step inside our camera obscura and learn about light refraction and the methods behind historic photography.

Morris Studio:

Camera Obscura

Visit the "Plymouth Rock of Southampton" and see where European settlers first landed in Southampton. Learn about the area's historic importance and what is going on there today.

Conscience Point

Become a museum curator for the day! Get up close and personal with items from the museum's collection and figure out what their historical purpose must have been through research, context clues and group discussions.

Museum Curators

A gigantic part of Southampton's history involves the whaling industry. Because of this we have a really fantastic collection of whaling artifacts and ephemera as well as some fantastic pieces of whale bones. 

Because of this huge connection it was important for us to create various programs centered around the whaling industry so that students today can stay connected to our rich maritime past.

Scrimshaw Art

Examine some real pieces of scrimshaw art and tools made from whale teeth and then create your very own art pieces.

Sewing and Knot Tying

Learn some of the basic life skills all sailors needed to know while away at sea.

Sailor Valentines

Create beautiful shell art reminiscent of the trinkets sailors would buy for loved ones back home while traveling the world.

Writing with Quill and Ink

Read whaling logs and diary entries written with quills and then try writing your own letter with a quill and ink pen.

Blubber Glove

Give our blubber glove a try and learn first hand the biological importance of whale blubber and then learn about how and why humans had a need for it too.

Whaling Lessons


Experience our exhibit on the Gilded Age here in Southampton and then have a tea party in the Rogers Mansion and learn about the culture and customs of the Gilded Age here in while enjoying a light snack.

Gilded Age

Tea Party

The Pelletreau Silver Shop is the oldest continuously open trade shop in the Americas and was once where famed patriot and master silversmith Elias Pelletreau worked out of. Today it is a jewelry store where silversmithing is still practiced. Learn about his importance to our community as well as a bit about the history of silversmithing.

Pelletreau Silver Shop

Hours of Operation
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Pelletreau Silver Shop - Open year round, Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 4pm, Free admission
Conscience Point - Open year round, Sunrise to Sunset, Free admission
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