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Paranormal Investigation Evidence

Below is all of the evidence that has been captured during the paranormal investigations on the properties of the Southampton History Museum. All evidence was captured by the Long Island Paranormal Investigators. If you have any questions about anything you hear below feel free to email

L.I.P.I. have been doing investigations on an almost monthly basis at the Southampton History Museum since October 2018. Below are links to view the evidence gathered from some of those investigations. Sometimes there is a lot of evidence to show and sometimes there isn't. But on each investigation there almost everyone leaves with a personal experience or two. 

What is an EVP? EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon and occur when ghosts imprint their voices onto digital audio recorders rather than an audible noise being heard. Sometimes their voices will manifest in such a way that the human ear can hear them, these would be referred to as a VP or a voice phenomenon.

EVP Classifications

A1 - These are loud and clear, an A1 recording is something that is easily heard and everyone who hears it can agree on what it is saying.

A2 - Anytime a recording gets classified as a 2, that means it is hard to hear and may require a trained ear or headphones to understand. But with the A2 classification, while hard to hear, everyone should still agree upon what it is saying.

B1 & B2 - In the B classification, there will be some disagreement with what is being said. 50% may hear one thing while 50% may hear another.

C1 & C2 - Within the C classification, everyone may hear something different being said. Words are understood, but there can be 3 or more possible things being said.

D - This classification is reserved for things like whispers, sighs, grunts, or mumbling. 

Rogers Mansion

Halsey House

Rogers Mansion - Light Bulb

The images below were taken immediately after track 11 occurred. The first showing the broken light bulb and the second showing some sort of shadowy figure. These pictures were taken seconds after each other.

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