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Conscience Point Historic Marker and Nature Walk

1640 Conscience Point Road, Southampton, NY 11968

In 1640, Southampton’s first settlers arrived in North Sea Harbor and upon reaching shore at this spot, one of them is said to have exclaimed: “For conscience sake, we’re on dry land.” An important whaling village called Feversham was quickly developed nearby and became the third largest port in the colonies during the 17th century, which disappeared 100 years later. In 1910, the Southampton History Museum acquired the site. Visitors to this peaceful waterfront area can find a 20-ton boulder commemorating Southampton’s founding by following a nature trail that boasts a rich variety of native shore plants and a host of birds. Sharing a parking lot with the area is the volunteer run Conscience Point Shellfish Hatchery which supplies over 1 million oyster seeds to nearby bays.

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