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The Pelletreau Silver Shop

80 Main Street, Southampton, NY 11968

This 1686 trade shop is the oldest continuously, opened trade shop in the Americas. It was originally built for Stephen Boyer’s as a dry goods shop. It was purchased in 1728 by Francis Pelletreau, a prosperous whale oil merchant, but its most famous occupant was his grandson, Elias Pelletreau, an acclaimed silversmith and celebrated patriot. Between 1750 and 1810, Elias Pelletreau crafted the tankards, flatware, porringers and other highly artistic but utilitarian items that are today collected by museums and fetch thousands of dollars. During the Revolutionary War, Pelletreau organized the local militia and could frequently be seen drilling his forces.  His son, nephew and grandson continued the tradition of silversmithing into the 19th century in the same location and today Jeweler Alyssa Saccente occupies the shop, creating jewelry, informing visitors of the shop’s historical importance and conducting workshops in jewelry-making. Take a look behind the shop and find a colonial-era vegetable garden managed by volunteers. 

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