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Blacksmithing Programs 2023

Ricky Bottenus working in our Blacksmith shop 2022

In 2022 we were lucky enough to be joined by a local Long Island based Blacksmith by the name of Ricky Bottenus and in 2023 we are happy to announce he will be joining us again! Listed below are the event details for the nine times this summer Ricky will be working in our forge where you will get a chance to not only watch but get your hands dirty and get a taste of what being a blacksmith is all about. This is all possible thanks to a grant provided by Suffolk County.

During our four scheduled flea markets Ricky will be in the shop providing blacksmith demonstrations from 10am to 4pm. You will get a chance to watch him work and ask any questions you may have as well as participate in a simple hands on activity where you can make your own hook with Ricky's assistance. This is an amazing way for people of all ages to first hand experience this historic trade that is still practiced today.

The other five programs are our Beer & Blacksmithing events which are sure to be hit with our 21 and over crowd! Join us on these nights from 4 to 8pm for a slightly more intensive lesson where groups of no more than six will make your very own bottle opener from scratch. On these nights refreshments and pizza will be provided.

For more information about these or other events please feel free to email me at or give us a call at 631-283-2494.

2023 Event Dates

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