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44-Star U.S. Flag

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Photo courtesy of Stephen Luber

This large American flag, adorned with a total of 44 stars, was the official United States flag as of 1891. Due to the age of the flag, the bottom-half has been understandably worn down towards the end of the red and white stripes, but the top of the flag remains in good condition. The semi-faded colors of the fabric also indicate how long it's survived.

The 44-Star flag was made official on July 4th of 1891, with the 44th star being added to commemorate the admission of Wyoming (taking place the previous year on July 10th) to the United States of America. It would be the last start added to the flag for about 5 years. There were two presidents that served during this flag's implementation: Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893) and Grover Cleveland (1893-1897). Additionally, this flag was in use during the time in which Dr. John Nugent was the owner of the Rogers Mansion (1889-1899).

The donors of this flag are Stephen and Rosalie Luber, who wished for the memory of their close friends Melvin and Martha Klein to be honored with this donation. The Kleins were residents of the Hamptons for many years, and the passing of Melvin prompted Stephen to seek a home for this flag in memory of his close friend. Melvin has kept this flag in his home for many years, and we are honored to house it on behalf of the Kleins and Lubers respectfully.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Luber

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