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Photograph of Main Street, Southampton (Holiday Season, 1950's)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This photograph of Main Street in Southampton was taken during the Holiday Season in the 1950's (exact year unknown).

While facing north, one of the building seen on the right is Ann’s Luncheonette (marked as “Lunch”) on the corner of Wall Street and Main, which has now become Le Charlot. On the opposite side of Main Street should be Herrick’s, but it’s difficult to confirm its precise location due to the buildings being obscured or outside of the shot.

In the distance hanging above Main Street, there is a sign that reads "Peace on Earth - Good Will - Towards Men". This sign hangs near the corner of Cameron Street and Main. In the center of the street is a stretched island of plowed snow, separating the two lanes. Interestingly, the cars on Main are parallel parked as opposed to diagonally (as they’re parked today).

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