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The Swan on Lake Agawam (early 1900's)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This winter scene postcard depicts a gathering (or ballet) of swans on the shore of Lake Agawam, dated from the early 1900's. The swans themselves gather at a shore covered in snow and ice, with many of them in the water directly. Additional snow covers the landscape in the distance before the homes near the lake. This hand-painted reproduction includes the text "The Swan on Lake Agawam. SOUTHAMPTON L.I."

Lake Agawam is a Southampton lake with an elevation of 10 feet, encompassing a 40 acre area. The length of its shoreline is 1.92 miles. Southampton's own Pyrrhus Concer - after returning from the California Gold Rush during the mid 19th century - set up a small boating tour directly on the lake.

The lake is currently undergoing a community conservancy campaign to restore and preserve the lake, as well as its surrounding watershed. The Lake Agawam Conservancy has been working with the community to address issues regarding water pollution, landscape chemicals and septic systems. The lake has a history of being hit with dense blooms due to being the end point for drainage for dozens of streets around the village of Southampton. The LAC is addressing these issues via education programs and scientific monitoring of the lake for harmful algae blooms. This is done in order to protect the surrounding ecosystem, the ecological vitality, and our own health.

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