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Postcard of the Shinnecock Presbyterian Church (estimated date 1950)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This postcard depicts the Shinnecock Presbyterian Church of Southampton, one of the oldest Native American churches in the United States. The Shinnecock Powwow was first organized here by the church congregation as a cultural celebration.

In 1848, the congregational Chapel used by the Reverend Paul Cuffee was dragged across the frozen Shinnecock Bay by members of the tribe, with the remaining half of the old church remaining on the other side of the canal at Canoe Place. By the time the Hurricane of 1938 took place, the old church blew off its foundation. Members of the Shinnecock Church erected a new sanctuary on its old foundation, where it was dedicated a year later.

Other outstanding Missionaires were Asariah Horton and Indian Ministers Peter John Cuffee, Peter Cuffee, Paul Cuffee and Samson Occum.



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