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Westinghouse Radio: The Aeriola Senior

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This Westinghouse Radio is known as the Aeriola Senior, first introduced in December of 1921 as a table top & portable radio. It was present at the very beginning of the radio revolution in 1921. It is a single tube regenerative receiver that sold for $65, including the "WD-11" vacuum tube. It is the early version that has wood panel and silver plated dials, the case is made of Poplar. Its Power was Battery run and its bands are Broadcast. A later version of this radio - distributed in 1923 had a molded Bakelite panel and Mahogany case. That model would be known as the "Radiola Senior" and given a metal nameplate indicating such. Both models also had differences in the depth of the "tube well", with later models using bigger bulbs that wouldn't allow the lid to shut if installed on earlier models.

Written on the radio inside lid of box:


Radio Apparatus

Aeriola Sr. Receiver

Type RF Style 319564

Including Items

A, B, and C

The above text is then followed by a detailed diagram with instructions on how to operate the radio, followed by the additional text:

Manufactured for

Radio Corporation of America

Woolworth Building - New York City

By Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company

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