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Jagger Tall Chest (made by Samuel Jagger)

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This 11 drawer high chest was made by Samuel Jagger (1775-1845), built with cherry, pine and poplar. Note the drooping shell carved into the top middle shelf and the exaggerated scallops on the apron at the bottom. Deep skirt with heavy proportions can be seen, as well as the carved cabriole legs with tiny ankles and well-formed pad feet in the shape of Newport fashion-squared edges. Chest shows a carved fan drawers and dentiled cornice.

Jagger worked in the "country" of Southampton in the late 18th century. His additional work included houses, barns, wagons, chairs, window sash, coffins, cradles, bedsteads and chests. For this particular chest of drawers, he imported his cherry from Connecticut.

Jagger's daughter, Mary Wells Jagger, would go on to have two children of her own: Mary Ann Herrick who married Henry Foster Herrick, and Rev. Samuel Edward Herrick. One of these two grandchildren of Jagger would attach a paper label to the back of the chest, indicating that it was made by their grandfather during 1800.



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