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Hells Gate Lighthouse by Ellen de Pazzi

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This is a painting of "Hells Gate Lighthouse" by Ellen de Pazzi, with the exact date unfortunately unknown. Hell Gate Lighthouse is located at Hell Gate, NY, where it was initially authorized for construction in 1883 at the tidal strait in the East River. After much replacement of materials to construct the light, it was finally complete in 1897 with a new foundation, tower, and light apparatus. This oil painting/felt tip pen depiction of the lighthouse renders the tin roof in a grey tint, with a faded tan tower coupled with dark grey beams. The water is dark blue and the sky is a burnt yellow with white patches for clouds. It is painted on canvas board and mounted on a gold frame.

Ellen de Pazzi (1933-2003) was a producer, painter, poet, cable television host and resident of Westhampton. She served as a director of the Hampton Art Center, as stated by a New York Times article in September of 1973. At which point she began a sidewalk show program for children's art, open to all children in the local area. She was also a longtime friend of the late Russian-born painter and poet David Burliuk. She wound up authoring a book titled David Burliuk: His Long Island and His World, but sadly it was not published until 4 years after her passing. One of the contributors to the book happened to be the Parrish Art Museum.

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