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The Lagoda by David Bunn Martine (David Bunn Siklos) & John Batchelor

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This is a drawing of the whaling ship 'Lagoda' by both David Bunn Martine (credited as David Bunn Siklos) and John Batchelor, done in 1987.

The 'Lagoda' ship itself was one of the most successful whalers to hit the seas, even though its original construction was not intended for such a profession. Originally a merchant boat before being sold in 1841, the vessel was seen as ideal for the practice of whaling. Framed with durable oak and with enough space to hold plenty of oil, the ship was made that much sturdier for the practice. The first voyage in which it was utilized yielded 2,700 barrels of oil and 17,000 pounds of baleen. She served for almost 50 years until 1890, where a North Pacific gale damaged it so badly that it barely made it to Yokohama, Japan.

This illustration captures the most intricate details of the ship from it's side. The shading seen in the sails and hull of the vessel give it an almost three-dimensional rendering. The smaller whaleboats can be seen on both sides of the ship. Each rope connecting the sails and masts are fully visible, adding to the painstaking process of rendering the vessel with such a visual medium.

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