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Women's Black Velvet Hat

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This women's wide-brimmed black velvet hat is circular and relatively flat, with brown feathers sewn around the brim at the base of the crown. The lining is of black silk, but it's been worn out over time and after frequent use. The crown also has a "crushed" appearance, with one of the feathers pointing outward from the hat. The rest of the design is a flat ring around the crown.

There is no maker's mark or label indicating a manufacturer, or indeed a precise date. However ostrich feathers were most popular as a fashion accessory between the 1880's and the First World War (1914), so it's presumed that the hat is of that era.

This hat is part of our extensive collection of Gilded Age hats found within the Rogers Mansion. It is on display for our 'High Style in the Gilded Age' exhibit at the Southampton History Museum.

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