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Dr.'s Home to CVS

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Can you guess where this house was located in the Southampton Village?

It used to stand on Main Street where the CVS is today. In 1822 Nugent Street did not exist and this property extended from Main Street to Windmill Lane. The property was owned by Mrs. Mary Jones and the house was built during her time of ownership. Dr. John Nugent moved into the house with his family in 1899. Dr. Nugent and his family had previously lived in the Capt. Albert Rogers house from 1889 - 1899, just a block to the south. At some point, Dr. Nugent gave some of the property along the side of the house to two of his sons.

Around 1917 the house was sold to Joseph P. McMann who with his son Thomas turned it into the Hotel Hampton Manor. A wing/annex was added to the north side of the house. Father and son ran the Hampton Manor for 40 years. In the late 1950's the original house was demolished and the annex was moved approximately a mile east to the north side of Hampton Road where it became the home of the McManns. That annex house still stands today.

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