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Progress on the Nowedonah

Updated: Jun 27

The Southampton History Museum is proud to host the building of the Nowedonah, a St. Ayles rowing skiff. Construction is taking place at the historic Sayre Barn on the grounds of the Rogers Mansion throughout the spring and summer of 2024. The Nowedonah boat-building project is led by James “Keith” Phillips, a member of the Shinnecock Nation, with help from Andrew "Gumbo" Hurley and other local volunteers.

A lot of progress has been made on the construction of the Nowedonah since our previous blog post

Nowedonah clamping the 'hog' to the molds. Image by Keith Phillips.

Just before Memorial Day, the first plank was attached to the hog and the rest of the planks went on nicely with only a few adjustments.

Nowedonah under construction. Image by Keith Phillips.

The planks were then planed on their edges to fit with corresponding ones. You can now see the nice curve of the hull and how the planks flow along from forward to aft.

Nowedonah planking complete, portside aft. Image by Keith Phillips.

This past week’s work included planing the keel down before it was turned over. The fore and aft bows were cut and everything was made as smooth as possible inside and out.

Nowedonah bow portside. Image by Keith Phillips.

This week the hull has been cleaned up and the gunwales are being installed. The gunwales have been enhanced with a line of mahogany running through them.

Nowedonah ready for the gunwales! Image by Keith Phillips.

Port aft gunwales in place. Image by Keith Phillips.

The boat is becoming stronger and more impressive with every step. See you at the Sayre Barn soon!

Read our previous blog post to learn more about the Nowedonah project.

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