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Southampton's Collection of Bert Morgan Negatives - An Update

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Since June of this year, Dr. Gregory S. Hunter and his students at Long Island University have increased their uploaded photos from the Bert Morgan Collection from over 600 to over 1000 photos as of today. These photos can be viewed by visiting the collection on Preservica.

This continued project has not only seen an increase in photos available to view in the digital space, but this effort has also seen news coverage in various publications as of recently. Both The Island Now and American Towns recently highlighted the Bert Morgan Collection in their respective columns, with Kathryn M. Curran (Executive Director of the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation) mentioning how vital it is that such historic collections are available for research and public view. The Patch also discussed the significance of this project, mentioning how U.S. News & World Report ranked this amongst the "Best Archival Science Programs" in both their Long Island and Southampton news sections. Last but not least, Dan's Papers details how Dr. Hunter and his graduate students have worked thoroughly to preserve these records of Long Island's history, how significant the Bert Morgan Collection is within this overall project, and even our Executive Director Tom Edmonds detailing his gratitude for the Southampton History Museum's collection to be a part of this project.

As stated in our previous blog entry on this subject, Project Director Dr. Gregory S. Hunter has been in collaboration with us at the Southampton History Museum since 2020. He has been instrumental in not only a digital database for this collection, but also many others across Long Island. This is done via a five-year grant from the Gardiner Foundation, which allows fellowships for master's and doctoral students to assist with the project.

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