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Bee Bee

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

This charming poem of remembrance is by Marjorie Hyman, long time summer resident of Southampton Village. Anyone that has ever visited the Southampton Post Office has to have wondered about the story of Bee Bee, as his tombstone is prominently located at the entrance. At last, context is provided by Marjorie.

Bee Bee's tombstone at the Southampton Post Office

Poem by Margorie A. Hyman


Sometime in the mid 1960’s John started

a chain of resort area radio stations

The first one being in Southampton.

To make it happen

He required a first rate creative staff

but doing this on a shoestring budget

meant he could only offer minimal wages,

A trio of talented, unemployed friends

instantly came to mind

All had prematurely retired

after suffering heart attacks

and left the hectic paced city

for the bucolic life of the Hamptons.

Bored and Restless

but with plenty of Digitalis on hand

and with plenty of Heart to spare,

they jumped at the chance


“We would have done it for nothing “

Roger, being the first to sign on,

was honored by John

naming the station call letters


representing Roger and John


applied his Juilliard background

and special talents

honed as music programmer for WQXR

making WWRJ

the SOUND of the Hamptons


a Briish born unemployed actor

whose Tony accent

gave a touch of class

to the reading of the local and world news

made WWRJ

the VOICE of the Hamptons


tailored his advertising talents

to the tastes of the Country Club

and Horse Show sets

which appealed equally to the

Stop and Shop crowd

making WWRJ

the STYLE of the Hamptons

The Station thrived

and Everyone thrived

Yet John was always looking

for that something more

It occurred to him one day

that the news segment needed a lift

and he instituted a daily program

called “ Good News “

People loved it

and flooded the station with stories

for what they called the “Happy Hour”

Some years later in 1974

Jimmy a young summer intern

asked for that assignment .

The story

he chose and reported on that day,

was about

a “ Shaggy Dog”

The story began in 1964

when the Etheridge family

who lived on Windmill Lane

bought a fluffy lovable puppy

and named him BeeBee

BeeBee didn’t have a pedigree

but no matter

What he had was far more important.

He had

A Heart overflowing with Love

and a Coat of many colors

growing helter skelter in so many directions

that no amount of currying could tame it.

Dogs ran free in sleepy Southampton at the time

and Bee Bee, being no different

would dart out the front door every morning

and head for his favorite spot,

the little Post Office on Nugent Street .

There The local Baptist Minister

Pastor Brown,

moonlighted as the Mailman.

They soon became best friends

and every day, except for Sundays ,

when Pastor Brown tended his flock,

Bee Bee was at his side.

walking the route. delivering the mail


Bee Bee on his day off,

had time to spend with family

and drown them under a sea

of his ardent wet kisses and puppy love..

And so it went for 10 years

“neither snow nor sleet

could ever deter him

from his daily rounds”.

But one morning in 1974

Bee Bee failed to show up

to deliver the mail

He had moved on

to that

Other Post Office in the Sky .

He was laid to rest 3 days later

with the well attended and

well earned rites and dignity appertaining

at the little Post Office on Nugent Street.

Pastor Brown spoke warmly of Bee Bee

calling him a Faithful and Loyal Public Servant

His stone marker reads

“Here lies

Bee Bee

A Shaggy Dog “

The young intern reported the story

on the “Good News” segment that day.

Somehow it went viral ,

So Viral

that It reached the ears of

The President of the United States

Gerald Ford

who extended

an invitation to the young reporter

to visit the White House

and receive an *Award

both of which he graciously accepted


a STAR on his first assignment

made WWRJ

the PRIDE of the Hamptons

In 2009

the population of Southampton had increased

and the Little Post Office on Nugent Street

couldn’t handle the tremendous influx of mail

A larger one was built on North Sea Road ,

down the road from Lynch’s Garden Center

and across the street from Schmidts Market

It was unanimously Decreed

by the Mayor, local Officials and Townspeople


Bee Bees remains be moved to the new location.

Today in 2021

one might still see

a flower from Lynch’s Garden Center

or a goodie treat from Schmidts Market

placed on the little stone marker

in remembrance of

Bee Bee

A Shaggy Dog



Thanks to

My son Peter


Jeannie Johnson

who reminded me

of things I forgot

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2 comentarios

hound attached
hound attached
6 days ago

I have followed Bee for many years doodle baseball

Me gusta

Chester Hartwell
Chester Hartwell
24 dic 2021

We watched Bee Bee follow the letter carrier for many years. As a child I was very impressed to see the headstone on the right walk to the post office-it just seemed fitting for such a canine/ person. We named our next dog Bee Bee, in honor of.

Me gusta
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