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Black Straw Boater Hat

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This black straw boater hat features a thick maroon and pink striped silk ribbon band, with a stiff black tulle (net edge) along the brim. The ribbon is gathered in a large bow on the back of the hat. The hat itself has a very shallow crown with a small brim.

The hat and ribbon appear to be in the style of the early 20th century with certain additions made to the design. The black edges appear to have been added later, as well as a sweatband ribbon added to the inside of the crown. An elastic band is also incorporated, presumably to be used as a strap. On the ribbon sweatband inside of the crown, there is a label that reads "Adjustable Head Size".

This hat is part of our extensive collection of Gilded Age hats found within the Rogers Mansion. It is on display for our 'High Style in the Gilded Age' exhibit at the Southampton History Museum.



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