National Pets Day

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Being a local history museum, our main focus is on the little stories that happened right here. We tell these stories through artifacts, ephemera, oral histories and photographs. One of my personal favorite parts of this job, is finding old photographs of people and their pets. Many times old photos have such a seriousness about them, but having animals in the photos always sheds new light on what a person may have really been like. So in honor of this past Sunday being National Pets Day, below we have some of our staff and their pets.


Tom Edmonds, Executive Director


Connor Flanagan, Director of Education


My family always had pets, in fact on the same day that I was born one of my parents cats gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens so while I was an only child, I always had furry brothers and sisters to play with. Our first dog, Ramona, died while I was in the 11th grade and after she passed my family wanted to wait a little while before getting another dog. Just before I graduated high school once I decided that I was going to attend a local university for my first year or two of college, my mom and I went to the Southold Animal Shelter to look at a dog I had seen online. A reddish brown pit bull that looked like our first dog, however when we got there, that dog had just been adopted that morning. But we decided to still look around and Addie was the first dog we saw with her giant tongue hanging out of her mouth. We left with her that day.

Remy right after I adopted him

As Addie got older and I got more busy with work we noticed that she seemed to be getting a bit sad. I was not home as much to play with her and she was slowing down a bit and we didn't exactly know what to do. But as some of you may remember we used to do an event at the museum called Yappy Hour with the North Shore Animal Shelter and while helping to set things up for the event I was just looking at all the puppies and kittens that were brought for the day and I accidentally adopted Remy. (At least that's what I told my mom when I called her after I very much on purpose adopted him.)

Addie and Remy enjoying the sun

Right after I got off the phone with my mom, she came to the museum with my dad and Addie for them to meet and they got along instantly. Which was a bit of a concern since Addie sometimes had issues with other dogs. But because Remy was so small when we first got him she didn't seem to mind. She probably thinks somewhat differently now since he is bigger than her now though.

Unfortunately after moving our of my parents house I have yet to be able to live somewhere that would let me have pets so they have to stay with my parents. Before the start of COVID I was able to see them more often, but in the last year it has certainly been a bit less, but my mom will text me pictures of them from time to time of them usually hogging her bed or making a giant mess by ripping one of their toys apart.