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Updated Evidence of the Paranormal

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Studies into all things ghost related are hard to do. Michael Cardinuto, founder of the Long Island Paranormal Investigators always equates it to fishing. Except when you go fishing and you cast your line into the water, while you never know when that fish will bite, at least you are always pretty sure there are fish in the water. When looking for ghosts, there still is no certainty that there will even be any.

All that being said, one of the best ways to discover evidence of the paranormal is to constantly look for it. And that is just what LIPI has been able to do here at the Rogers Mansion and the Halsey House since 2018 with out monthly ghost hunting programs. At these events guests get to join LIPI on these investigations and learn all about the field of being a paranormal investigator and share some spooky stories. Along with that, they get to learn a bit about local history and the families that once lived in these buildings. These programs have proven to be a great little fundraiser for the museum and a fun way to get new eyes on our museum who may have never come to see us.

If you are curious about coming on one of these tours October is the perfect time! We have two dates later this month with tickets still available. Saturdays October 23rd and 30th you can join us at either the Halsey House or the Rogers Mansion for your chance to find evidence of the paranormal.

I was also just able to update our website with more of the evidence LIPI has captured over the years. At the link below you can see ticket info about our upcoming programs and check out what has already been captured. Enjoy!

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