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Postcard of the Gymnasium & Reading Room, Southampton

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

This black and white postcard depicts the Gymnasium & Reading Room of Southampton, L.I, as stated in the text on the bottom. The most prominent image on the minimalist postcard is a photo of the Gymnasium on the left in its then-current incarnation, with the number 1707 above the topmost doors. In the lower left-hand corner within a circle, an illustration of what the structure used to look like is featured.

This structure used to be known as the 1707 Presbyterian Church, the third Presbyterian Church to appear in Southampton at the time. After the Methodists finished using this church in 1883, it was then transformed by Samuel Parrish into this facility geared towards public use. Additionally, the Gymnasium also hosted a small restaurant.

On the back of the postcard, the text reads: POSTAL CARD – CARTE POSTALE PRIVATE MAILING CARD Authorized by Act of Congress of May 19, 1898

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
19 oct. 2023

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