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Main Street, Looking South, Southampton, Long Island, N.Y.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This is a photograph of Main Street in Southampton, at the corner of Jobs Lane facing south. This photo is a postcard reproduction, marked on January 29, 1932.

On the street corner to the right is the former Bonwit Teller department store (now known as J. McLaughlin). This 1927 commercial structure took the form of a Normandy farmhouse-style building with a tower, designed by the architect B. Robert Swarthburg of New York City.

In the center of the intersection, a standing traffic light sits in the middle of the road as opposed to being suspended by wiring in the air. Traffic lights during the early 20th century went through several iterations, and this happened to be one of such electric traffic lights. The automobiles ordinary for this time period are also seen within the shot, in front of Bonwit Teller and further south on Main Street.

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