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Faux Flower Straw Hat

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This straw hat is adored with orange, yellow and red faux flowers and green leaves around the crown. A brown tubular-shaped material is swirled and spiraling around the hat accompanying the faux flowers. The brim of the hat is lined with this same brown material beneat. The inside of the hat is lined with a black silk accompanied by a black bow. Sadly there is no label on the inside of the hat to indicate a manufacturer.

The hat is estimated to have been worn during the 1920's, while the faux flowers it utilizes give off the impression that it could have been worn all the way into the 1960's as well.

This hat is part of our extensive collection of Gilded Age hats found within the Rogers Mansion. It is on display for our 'High Style in the Gilded Age' exhibit at the Southampton History Museum.



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