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Southampton's Collection of Bert Morgan Negatives – The Blue Haven “Twist Party”

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

On the grounds of Blue Haven in Southampton, there was a "Twist Party" held in a bomb shelter in the 1960's. This party hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Francis T. Hunter and it was decorated to make the inside look like El Morocco - a famous nightclub in New York City that featured Zebra-printed banquettes. The attendees were well-known summer residents during that era, including Duncan McMartin and Col. Serge Obolensky.

This New Year’s party was documented by Bert Morgan, and his photos are one of many sets of photos hosted on Preservica courtesy of LIU, with a special thanks to the Gardiner Foundation for making this project possible.

Francis T. Hunter sitting in the "Siberia" section

A dog, who also attended the party, joins Francis T. Hunter

Guests begin to gather in the "Siberia" section, with one descending the stairs entering the party

Duncan McMartin, dressed in a devil costume, pours alcohol into the punch bowl as Arthur (Mr. Hunter's valet) watches over him

Col. Serge Obolensky doing the Twist on the dance floor, among additional guests

The party setup at Blue Haven, with the name "El Morocco" seen in the background

View of the bar during the party setup

Guests seated at the tables in the "El Morocco" section

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