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The Corona Journals - Week 8, May 17, 2020 - May 23, 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Here's our eighth round of journal entries for the week. If you'd like to play a part in history as it unfolds before us, please send your submissions to


Laurie Collins (age 62, North Sea)

In the middle of March when things started shutting down the museum staff was pretty confident that we would be back in business by April. Now it is the middle of May and there continues to be uncertainty of what lies ahead. Uncertainty not only in our present circumstances, but also with the weather. I have not put my winter coat away yet. On May 9 it was snowing in North Sea. Usually by now my family has started using our outside shower.

A pair of large hawks have been building a nest in the top of an oak tree in our back yard. The process has stirred up all the crows in the vicinity. My husband has been watching the process with binoculars. It has become a problem for me because the nest overlooks the area in our backyard where I have been feeding birds for 40 years. I have not figured out what to do yet. I’ve been considering moving the feeders to a more protected area in the front yard. This pair of hawks are very clever. To the west is my neighbor’s chickens. To the north is Big Fresh Pond. To the east is my neighbors little pond with ducks. I can just imagine the conversation between Mr. and Mrs. Hawk. What should we have for dinner tonight, chicken, seafood or duck ?


Joan Magiet (Eastport)

Beach chairs upside down

collapsed umbrellas in flight

surfers jumping waves

Clouds marching slowly

grey procession of soldiers

promising sunshine

Eight tiny seagulls

fly away in formation

mom seagull is done

Americans stay

in self quarantine at home

gas prices plummet

Marriage bureau closed

love birds get marriage license

elbow bumps seal vows


Brenda Simmons (Southampton Village)

In 2010 I started vacationing in the “ Friendly Island” of  St Martin/St Maarten. And in 2015 after “ Re-journeying” ( aka retiring from the Village after 11 years as Assistant the the Mayor) I joined the flock of “Snow Birds” and have spent my winters here in St Martin. I can profoundly confirm that St Martin is a  “ Friendly Island”. Over the past 10 years I’ve been so welcomed. I have so many “friend/family” here. They have help restore my yearning for community.

My time here has been extended due to the Corona Virus so I’ll continue to spent my time writing poetry, working on a book, and painting. In addition I’ve primarily been a holistic person, so it’s been an adventure discovering and learning about the many natural leaves growing here in abundant. So many leaves and plants are used to heal ailments as my ancestors did in Africa. ( with no side affects) Brewing natural teas leaves literally grown and picked off a plant like lemon grass, sage, hibiscus, and seed under the leaf to name a few. The term they use is simple called “ bush tea”. Water is boiled and the leaves are placed in the hot water and sipped for about 10 minutes.  And Waalaa. Pure fresh liquid medicine.

To further explore my holistic interest I chose to volunteer at a local Agricultural Center owned by my friend Jahbash. The method to my madness is to learn more and more, how to identify the different leaves and plants and it’s medicinal value. Also I love getting  up early early on most Saturday and going to a wonderful market. I get fresh produce, “fresh” fish ( generally caught hours before), and farm-feed/grown chicken. The chickens are a bit more expensive but how amazing the difference in the taste. ( no additives or preservatives) I’m also extra excited being stuck here to enjoy the juicy delight of mango season. My FAV!!! I literally have a tree that I’m looking at right now that’s full of soon to be ready to eat in a few weeks.

On another note. I’ve had the pleasure of being a regular guest on a local radio station 101.5 FM St Martin. I also was a Doula for a young lady this year ( she had a beautiful baby girl). And as fate would have it I’ve been mentoring a few young people since I’ve come here. There’s no place like home so being “Stuck” in St Martin is definitely not a horrible thing at all. Qui?

So being “ stuck” here with only 38 known Corona Virus cases, all recovered except one ( if I’m not mistaken) so many of my friends in NY are advising me to stay or switch places with them.




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