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Video Footage: Founder's Day: 275th and 375th Anniversaries

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

As a follow-up to the lecture given on the 11th of June, we at the Southampton History Museum have decided to share footage of both the 275th and 375th Anniversaries of Southampton's founding. As brief as they are, they're still immensely vital to preserving Southampton's history. The first video is provided by the British Pathé as a Special Edition film. This film shows scenes, dances and festivities that took place during the 275th Anniversary pageant. Scenes featured include the opening dance, the landing of the Puritans, early Colonial life, the bridal party, the assembly of armed forces, the 1861 Civil War era dance known as the Virginia Reel, shots of the crowd, and the parade that followed the pageant:

The second video is provided by the Southampton History Museum and is of Staff and Volunteers creating a living birthday cake. We paraded down the road stopping on occasion to wish Southampton a happy birthday. However, unlike the 275th anniversary this took place on the 4th of July as there was no large scale celebration for the founding of the Village in 2015 as there was in 1915.

Lastly, here is my talk discussing both celebrations, enjoy!


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