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The Corona Journals - Week 11, June 7, 2020 - June 13, 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Here's our eleventh round of journal entries for the week. If you'd like to play a part in history as it unfolds before us, please send your submissions to


Joan Magiet (Eastport)

Sunning at Orient Bay

I drive the steep roads to Grand Case.

I feel the rush of words pile up inside me,

like cars waiting for a red light to change.

Under the comfort of a beach umbrella

at Orient Bay, my friendly bag

of pens and notebooks at my side,

I release them.

Encouraged by whitecaps and catamarans,

batik and beads, I strip away the layers

of my subconscious until peeled and bare

like bodies of women who sun, I place

words on paper, edit, revise for viewing.

I shape the version of me I will reveal.

If I am as naked on paper

as men and women who stroll the shore,

will you accept me?

I will sooner expose the curve of my breast

than my private thoughts and deeds.

I live behind a smile.


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